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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 20, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it's a phenomenon that's been happening across the country. some jen yules people step up and pay off the layaway bills of some for the holidays. abc2's don harrison is looking for this layaway angel. >> reporter: with a few shopping days left the crunch is on. how to pay for the remaining gifts is a con certain for a lot of us. not at this kmart. an anonymous donor gave more than $20,000 to cover layaways for customers and workers. >> it made a lot of christmases that wouldn't have happened. >> i've been in retail 35 years and have never seen this. >> reporter: she wasxd going to but not now.
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most wonderful thing i have seen. as much as the kids will be a pirks the amount of stress and anxiety he's taken off parents and grandparents is amazing. >> reporter: maria brown was surprised when she learned her layaway bill is just a dollar. >> wow, amazing. it's good to know. >> we told her her balance was $1.06 and she broke down and cried. >> it makes me feel a little christmas elf. i get to deliver the good news. >> this makes you realize there are people in the community that care about others. >> when a miracle happens to you, you don't know what to think. >> reporter: christmas came early for a lot of shoppers. over 150 people were taken care
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of. is the money used up? i have to return this. sundown marks the start of hanukkah. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will join in the lighting of the giant men nor ra. a parade of cars will drive from park heights avenue. there will be live music and lots of hot drinks. although it can be jolly this time of the year, it's one of the busiest times on the road. aaa is anticipating more than 800,000 calls for stranded motorists. so they put together some very helpful tips to bring your chances of a -- avoid your chances of a breakdown. check the antifreeze. lower temperatures means reduced tire inflation. check your tire pressure before
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you head out. make shower your battery is connected and free of corrosion. always check all of your fluid levels before taking that long trip including the windshield wiper fluid and oil levels. giving away free jewelry, it sounds too good to be true. it's a game of finder's keepers. >> no strings attached, finder's keepers. the jewel vie real. the gift is yours. >> reporter: the gift is yours indeed. the small family-owned jewelry store has been playing secret santa for the past three years. >> a different employee each day is hiding brightly wrapped packages of genuine jewelry around the area. >> reporter: it include last letter and a tag that says
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finder's keepers. inside the boxes you'll find one of two distinct pieces of jewelry. >> one is a beautiful sterling silver and diamond pave pendanti with añi retail value of $125. the other gift isñix 62, 6 1/2 millimeter fresh water pearls. >> reporter: so far, 24 of the gifts have been placed around town. the store has four more to put out before christmas eve. the thing is only half have been claimed. >> they are being left at bus stops, in a bus, playground. shelf of a grocery store. emergency room in a hospital. construction site downtown. >> reporter: in fact, there's one being hidden today and here's the hint. >> i am going to place it at one
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of the metro stations in the area and hopefully someone is going to find it and have a big huge smile on their face when they get it. >> reporter: with all this giving you may be asking why do they do it. well, it's simple. >> we feel like santa needs a little help. >> you, too, can be in the spirit of giving helping to make the holidays brighter join in on the kindertime toy drive. drop off new, unwrapped toys through thursday. you can donate used instruments. the toy drive is partnering with the bso's program. for more details about the drive and dropoff addresses, just led to our website, for all the information. definitely a happy homecoming for nearly 300 u.s.
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airmen today. they arrived at bwi-thurgood marshall to a hero's welcome. they had been stationed in iraq and are some of the last to return home from that country. baltimore county police are telling shoppers that it is safe to return to the towson mall. wasçó not an act of violence. rid rodney vest pridget -- rodney vest pridget was shot. a new email phishing scam looks like it's coming from the bbb but they have red flags, bad grammar and misspellings. do not open it. cloudy conditions persisting, but most of the rain has tracked north of baltimore.
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north of maryland. the clouds are holding tough. the rain is tracking north of the state line. a little more precise look. we do find some very light rain sneaking over the border northern harford county, north of bel air. if you get a few drops on the windshield, that would be it. that's about it. temperatures running in the mild side here, mid to upper 40s, even 50s in spots like bethesda, ft. meade. we'll talk more about when our main round of rain will arrive this week. it's coming up. a police chase comes to a dramatic end. what a little girl was doing in a vehicle with a man on the run. authorities seize millions of dollars washington, d.c.
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they're calling the yuntd cover -- undercover operation a huge success. hello. i'm currently serving in clab bull -- kabul, afg. i'd like to say happy holidays to my mom and dad and friends in maryland. i will be home as soon as i can.
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new video out of texas. this is the aftermath of a plane crash. one was a teenage girl, order a 2-year-old boy. it went down in a field near college station, texas. the pilot was concerned about the weather and spoke to the pilot in fort worth. he was told how to avoid it but apparently flew in the opposite direction. it was bound for waco, texas. a car chase comes to a dramatic end. he gets out of the car with a little girl. police surrounded him and snatched the girl and arrested the man. the suspect is the girl's father. police beganñr chasing him afted
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kidnapping. an undercover operatione1>)s the nafimn'sc capital resultsñri million worth of drugs and weapons. the operation kicked off more than a year ago. several agencies were part of it including the d.c. police, fbi, ice and the dea. this is the scene in southwestern kansas. you can see the clouds moving through as the snow piles up. many people are leaving their cars on the side of the road looking for safety. well, newt gingrich and mitt romney find themselves in a dead heat. more on the republicans race that's heating up. and college leader's paychecks are going up. so is tuition for students. why some st euáhp)e outraged.
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congress has been going back and forth. the senate passed a two-month extension but the house voted it down today. with the pressure mounting, the president jumped into the fray. >> the clock is ticking. as house republicans refuse to vote for the senate bill, not even allow if to go up for vote, taxes will go up in 11 days. >> house republican leaders are asking the president to order the senators back from braifnlgt -- break.
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harry reid said that will not happen. well, the money you made this year, chance a big chunk went into the gas tank. they will have spent more than 4,100 on gas. that's a record and more than 8% of what the median family takes. gas averaged for than $3.51 a gallon in 2011. new numbers show the unemployment rate fell. the rate stands at 8.6% but only three states reported a higher unemployment rate for november. nevada still has the highest jobless rate at 13% followed closely by california at 11.3%. all right.
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weather wise tonight, flag is flapping good with a southeast wind at five miles an hour. overall, it has been a quiet one weather wise in maryland. now we have seen the persistence of cloud cover, a bright cloud cover but not a lot of sun sneaking through. ellicott city similar scenario, kind of a pretty finish. let's give you one more stop in laurel. again, cloudy. the rain is tracking to the north. that continues to be the case. it's north of the state line where most of the precip has been up towards lancaster lancaster, harrisburg and points further north. we'll keep an eye on the situation. overall, it looks like we're going to stay dry the rest of the evening, dry into the morning. chances for rain go up tomorrow. i'll show you the peak timing.
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52 dulles. 50 in ocean city. winds are light and variable, not much wind to speak of. as we look at the high temperatures, these are running 10 degrees above average. 54 in annapolis. i want to show you a look at tomorrow. weed a warmth by four or five -- weed aadd warmth. severna park 60. could hit 06. most of the precipitation is well north of us, places like scranton, our big snow maker weakening and becoming more diffuse across the center of the country. mild hair will keep surging in around this area of pressure. it's a mild pattern setting up
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for at least two full days including the first full day of winter and temperatures reflecting that. timing wise in terms of precipitation, you can see tomorrow we pick up the chances for rain. by 5:00, 6:00, we rind them -- wind them down and another chance for rain friday into the weekend. overnight 43, a few showers. tomorrow definitely a chance of rain. 60 degrees. 15 above average. 45 tomorrow night. we checked the outlook. tomorrow is the toughest travel day of the week. as we go into the weekend, there's a chance for a wintery mix. in tonight's democracy 0 -- 2012, newt gingrich is losing ground in the race for the
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republican nomination. all of a sudden it's a tight race again. i know it's changing from week to week. what happens this time. >> reporter: you see newt gingrich losing 13 points over 12 days over mitt romney. the former house speaker has a theory. >> watch tv here for two days. all sorts ofçó these super pacsó who have consistently been running negative ads. >> reporter: super pacs can raise unlimited funds. their message is clear. >> know what makes barack obama happy, newt gingrich's baggage. newt has more baggage than the airline. >> reporter: romney released an ad trying to tie gingrich to
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nancy pelosi. the tight have of this ron paul ad says it all. >> that's hard core lobbying. >> reporter: gingrich has also been hit by mailers including this one saying president obama would be happy with the gingrich nomination. then fox news debate. >> the speaker had his hand out taking $1.6 million. >> the speaker had a conservative he liewption against him. >> reporter: gingrich is attacking all these attacks. >> the next time you see one of the candidates running the negative ad, tell them to take it off the air. >> reporter: here's some good news for goingy. we have learned that the speaker of the house plan to endorse
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newt gingrich. >> all right. stay tuned. live from washington tonight. coming up new at 6:00, one baltimore city community has come together with the police department to make sure those in need don't go without. how many families went home with more than just food today. if you're a man or a survivori of certain types of cancer, we'll tell you why you're at risk for a certain type of skin cancer. nowçó we have añr preview of whs coming up on world news at 6:30. >>çó coming up on world news, wn it comes to fire, how risky is your house. what you can learn about your house that can save lives. see the whole picture tonight on world news.
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lots of green on the board. the dow up 337. the nasdaq up 80 and the s&p 500 up almost 40. that is good news. in tonight's consumer alert, holiday travel. according to a "usa today" report, just over 43 million travel. they can expect delays. apple scores a partial victory against thexd htc corp. the some of the software violated one provision of the
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apple patent. the smartphones that fall under the category will be band. this gives htc and google time to come up with a workaround. the new york times is cutting back. the company is shrink its portfolio to save money. news of the sell comes -- sale comes after the chief announces she's stepping down. while colleges are paying schussers top dollars they're hiking tuition prices. vanderbilt paid its chancellor $1.9 million in 2009, enough for 43 students to attend at current prices. the school says it pays big salaries to keep top talent. there's many models of cars that will be fading into history
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next year. "usa today" reported that some of the models would be a distant memory. saab, buick lou certain and -- lou certain and ford crown victoria. police need your help in finding a victim's family. tonight, we note shooting death of a -- know the shooting death of a 19-year-old outside a popular mall was not random. and why today's welcome home to troops was a bit for meaningful. baltimore police officers get into the spirit of giving in one neighborhood. how the entire


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